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An e-book of notes from webinars held for

Internet Marketer of the Year 2007 competition



We are all bombarded with offers to purchase a Guru's course for thousands of dollars.  There is nothing wrong with this.  After all, everyone has to make a living.

But some of us do not have the cash to be able to take advantage of the really great teachings, tips and systems and have to resort to other methods to learn from the Gurus.

So, I was the geeky kid on the block that went to school, and took the notes, organized them into a book, and sold it to the next kid who didn't do the course.  (Talk about brown-nosing!!)  Did I say everyone has to make a living??

There are so many things to learn how to do if you are setting up your own websites.  In "Notes from the Gurus" you will be able to follow the system of famous copywriters, advetisers, marketers, etc. and determine which of the systems is right for your own personality traits.  Some of us are not comfortable being "out in your face", but prefer to do things on the internet in the background.  There are different systems for different people.




This is the information directly   from     today's top Internet Gurus?

    All the information was obtained from free webinars by each of the Gurus.  It was then put into an easy to follow format especially for the busy internet marketer.  This is the ultimate Internet Marketer Textbook.

You WON'T have to:


  • buy their programs for thousands of dollars.
  • listen to masses of tapes.
  •  read lots of books.

What you  WILL get is:

  • easy to read notes
  • see exactly how they work their systems
  •  pay no more than $7.99



Why did they do that?

They each want to be crowned “Internet Marketer of the Year 2007”.

    This has been a positive goldmine for every experienced, new, and struggling Internet Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, and Newbie alike.  Never mind that the Gurus' altruistic motives are all about winning - they have given a veritable overload of information. 

This, my friends, is the MOTHERLODE

Information at a price you can afford.


Here is a book of notes from webinar presentations made by illustrustious marketing geniuses of our time, each of whom has amassed a fortune by using their own different methods. 

 21 of the best Internet Marketers tips, secrets and strategies in one Handbook.

Russell Brunson



Stone Evans

Affiliate Marketing

Carl Galletti

Direct Response


Dr. Mike Woo-Ming


Joe Sugarman

Direct Response


Gauher Chaudhry


Eric Holmlund

Affiliate Marketing


Lori Morgan-Ferrero


Tellman Knudson

List Building


Michel Fortin


Perry Marshall

Traffic Generation


Matt Bacak


Marc Harty

Public relations


Keith Baxter

Traffic Generation

Ray Edwards



Joel Comm


Harris Feldman

Affiliate Marketing


Lynn Pierce


Frank Rumbauskas



Yanik Silver


Dave Lakhani

Public Relations




It doesn’t get better than this

The Internet Marketer of the Year 2007 has been fiercely contested by the top marketers in today’s Internet sales community.  Each one has a different slant on what works best.  Because they all want to be voted the winner, they have each done a webinar, telling it all!!

Bad for them.   Good for us.

   All the webinars were thrown open to all of their considerable lists and downlines, and those people who tuned in each day were privy to the most intimate thoughts and methods.

If you went to each of these peoples’ websites, you would pay thousands of dollars for each of their programs.  That would cost you in excess of $100,000.00.


We have now put it all together in one book, which you can purchase today for the special introductory, ridiculously low, low price of

 only $7.99

HURRY  -  This price will not last long.  *

Don't forget your free copy of "Dotcomology" with "Notes from the Gurus"



Here are just a few of the many strategies you will find in


Struggling with copywriting?

See notes from Yanik Silver



All the copywriter’s advocate a similar method.

Sit down with pen and paper and start writing without stopping, until you have filled at least a page.  You will find that instead of sitting in front of that dreaded empty page, you will fill it up in no time if you don’t think too much about what to say.  It will just flow.


Need a Press Release?

Marc Harty will give you the 3 keys to success. 

You will find a goldmine of ideas in his section.


Looking for Affiliate Programs?

Stone Evans opened his computer for everyone to study. 

This was fascinating to see him doing all the things he tells you to do – and he makes loads of money!


Want to know how to promote a new product?

Russell Brunson gave a fantastic presentation on how to promote a new product. 


Need to drive traffic to your site?

Keith Baxter will show you how.


You can purchase today for

only  $7.99  *


    *Agreement: When you make your purchase you agree to the following –Because this is a non tangible product in a digital format, as soon as it is downloaded it is deemed to be used and un-returnable, and you will immediately have full access and use of each item. Therefore all sales are final and under no circumstances will refunds be issued. You further agree and understand that this e-book is selling a collection of digital information products and software at a full cost of $27.


    NOTES FROM THE GURUS  by Lanky Levy

Definition of Guru according to Wikipedia

A Guru (Sanskrit:), is a teacher in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism, as well as in many new religious movements. Based on a long traditional line of philosophical understanding as to the importance of knowledge, the guru is seen in these religions as a sacred conduit, or a way to self-realization. The importance of finding a true guru is described in the scriptures and teachings of religions in which a guru plays a role.

In contemporary India, "guru" is widely used within the general meaning of "teacher". In Western usage, the original meaning of guru has been extended to cover anyone who acquires followers, though not necessarily in an established school of philosophy or religion. In a further metaphorical extension, guru is used to refer to a person who has authority because of his or her perceived knowledge or skills in a domain of expertise.

    Author Bio  

    Lanky Levy operates a warehouse and logistics/fulfillment company out of Glenview, Illinois, USA, specializing in services for small foreign companies.

    Bundled together with the fulfillment services, Baobab Inc showcases the products of their clients on their website.  While doing that, it was a natural extension to enter the affiliate marketing programs. 

    Lanky was born in South Africa, and emigrated to Illinois in 2000.  She originally marketed South African products at trade shows around the USA, but discovered that it was difficult to get the orders to the USA customers directly from South Africa.  That is how Baobab Inc came to specialize in warehousing and fulfillment for foreign companies and help them get their orders to their customers.

“How to export to the USA” is available at      


Visit Lanky’s blog at


Deerfield, IL





Member of South African American Business Club


Member of  Biltmore Who's Who